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help.. toilet stains how to remove them?

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unicorn Mon 16-May-05 09:42:12

apologies no doubt this has been done loads of times but couldn't find on archive...
and it's an emergency!

what is it that removes yucky stains.. the normal cleaning things aren't shifting them (coke springs to mind- is that right?)

moondog Mon 16-May-05 09:44:23

Crikey,what,if I may ask has caused such buggers to shift?

misdee Mon 16-May-05 09:44:53

harpic limescale toilet cleaner. push as much of the water in the bowl away with the bog brush. then put loads of it down. leave for a while, flush and scrub. sparkling loo!!!

thanks to mieow for that

unicorn Mon 16-May-05 10:14:07

I blame dh.. must stop giving him branflakes!!!

I'm sure I have tried harpic though... and nasty stains still present.

bleach won't do it either.

What are those old fashioned remedies.. bicarb of soda/vinegar??

misdee Mon 16-May-05 10:15:38

mieow said it has to be the blue limescale one.

unicorn Mon 16-May-05 10:20:59

ok.. will get some of that and give it a go!
I shall report back with results!!!!!

ta v much

Blu Mon 16-May-05 10:30:53

Indeed - limescale remover tablets. Put 2 down, even if it says 1, and leave for as long as poss - i.e if you are going out for the day, do it just before leaving and scrub when you get back.

unicorn Sun 29-May-05 17:46:20

update for misdee/mieow.. It worked!!!...
blue harpic that is...

we now have a nice clean toilet {smile]


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