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milkmonster Mon 29-Jun-09 21:00:15

I have a 2 year old and a 2 week old. I bought a Powertwin secondhand from ebay, thought I'd bought a duff one til I read some reviews online, it veers sharply to the right and overbalances. This is down to the wonky centre of gravity no doubt as the heavier toddler is at the front, lighter baby at back.

However, now thinking of swapping for the Jane Twin Two which has 4 wheels instead of 3, as it might be more stable.

Does anyone have one and can review it for me?

Does it tip over like the 3 wheel Jane Powertwin?
Is it older or newer than the Powertwin?
Is it the same build quality as Powertwin, ie same silvery chassis colour, adjustable handle, etc?
Is it longer and lighter than the Powertwin?

I don't drive so also wonder how the Twin Two compares on buses, whether it will fit in the buggy space (wheelchair space)on the lowliner style buses. I haven't tried the Powertwin on buses yet.

Thankyou! smile

Jumente Mon 29-Jun-09 21:03:16

Hmm no experience I'm afraid, but I do have a Nomad and it's fine.

Afaik the Twin two is a slightly less glamorous cousin of the Powertwin.

I have also got a pair of car seat adptors for the powertwin - I think - if anyone wants them - seems a likely thread!! smile

misscreosote Mon 13-Jul-09 13:18:00

Hi milkmonster - sorry no answers to your questions, but I'm looking at buying the twin two, so if you've managed to find the answers I'd really appreciate knowing! (Have currently got a 22 month old and a 5 week old so getting out to test drive one is a little tricky..... smile)


TamTam29 Mon 13-Jul-09 13:48:11

Hi - my two are exactly the same ages as yours! Sept 07 and June 09!

i have been given a powertwin too and hate it!

it is designed back to front having the toddler up front and my newborn looks like they are going to fall out the seat!

Also my toddler, has nearly outgrown the rain hood and hates putting his feet on the footplate as his knees are under his chin! so dangles them and constantly gets his foot hit by the front wheel as a result! Also his seat doesnt recline enough for him to nap in.

I am waiting to go and look at a babyjogger city mini but my local stockist isnt open today. Its a side by side, the same width as a maclaren.

I would imagine you could get on & off the bus through the middle doors with the babyjogger. I have got on the bus with my mountain buggy that way & stood in the disables bit. The powertwin is quite long so although easier to fit down the aisles, i think it might be harder to fit in the disabled bit.

i will let you know tomorrow about the baby jogger.

misscreosote Mon 13-Jul-09 20:40:06

Hi TamTam - hope you're coping OK! I know I'm finding it pretty hard work, but getting a bit easier (relatively speaking!) now...

Good to know the powertwin isn't too good either. That was the other one I was looking at, along with the Phil & Teds. I've currently got an old maclaren twin traveller, and it is such hard work to push, plus doesn't fit through our front door, hence my search for a tandem. My eldest is tall for her age (and the 5 week old is massive as well!), so I can't really seem to find a solution. The P&T seats look too short for DD1 (and there's no way DD2 will fit in the cocoon bit already), and sounds like the powertwin is the same.

Sigh, looks like I'll be spending horrendous amounts of money on something that I'm going to hate anyway! Probably end up with the P&Ts like everyone else, at least thats small and easy to push, even if my kids are cramped and uncomfortable hmm

Let me know how you get on... will be interested to see if you find something that works!

atalantis Wed 15-Jul-09 14:17:55

I'm expecting DC2 any day now, and have just taken delivery of a Twin Two from ebay. So far, it looks great. DS1 (22 months) and I took an experimental trip down our (very narrow) road in it and it seemed to steer really well. I also bought a Matrix Cup car seat, again from ebay, which clips on to the back so that the newborn can lie completely flat for the first few weeks/months. The Twin Two doesn't have an adjustable handle, but in other respects I don't know how it compares with the Powertwin. What I can say is that it folds up incredibly easily (although its best feature as far as I'm concerned is the fact that I can get it in to our small terraced house without having to fold it up). I don't know how it will work when I've got a newborn in the back, but so far I'm really pleased.

misscreosote Wed 15-Jul-09 19:31:17

Argh, don't say that, I've just ordered a P&Ts! grin

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