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Bugaboo bee parasol vs sunshade

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LDD Mon 29-Jun-09 12:26:23

I need something to keep the sun right off a very young baby in the bugaboo bee "me facing" position. Would the parasol do the job? Or do I need the sun canopy? Also, has anyone used the sun canopy without the breezy hood (i.e. does it attach to the normal hood, even if it is windy?)

horsemadgal Mon 29-Jun-09 18:45:53

I'm using the parasol on mine as was the best option for me. Annoys me though as have to keep moving it when you change direction!!

The reason I don't use the Bugaboo shade is because the sunlight still shines through it and my baby hates the sun in his eyes. It does cut out the UVA/UVB so would be the better choice if your baby doesn't mind the sun.

I think it would fit on the normal hood ok, the Cam one does.

I tried a Protect a Bub and a Rayshade on the Bee as I really like those the best but they just looked daft as so big.

LDD Thu 02-Jul-09 18:04:17

Thanks - my baby hates the sun on him so guess the shade wouldn't be great. Parasol sounds like the best choice.

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