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Windoo carrycot

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WillbeanChariot Sun 28-Jun-09 19:42:03

Hi all,

I am new on mumsnet, 19 weeks pregnant for the first time.

I am thinking of getting a Loola Up, just wondering if anyone has used the Windoo carrycot in the car. I have read that you can use it for a newborn to lie flat in the car and wonder if there's anyone who has used it like this and what they think?


differentID Sun 28-Jun-09 19:44:03

it's not recommended that you use a carrycot in the car for transporting babies. It is far safer for them to be rear facing.

sammysamsam Sun 28-Jun-09 23:11:31

though it's not recommended, the windoo can be used in the car providing you use it with the seatbelt clips that come with it..saying that, i had one and never felt the need to use it in the car so im afraid i can't help with your query

makedoandmend Sun 28-Jun-09 23:29:29

We loved our Windoo - used it in the car, as a moses basket (we'd got a crib but dd decided she hated it the first time we tried to put her in it hmm)and as a pram.

I must admit I did feel slightly nervous about using the Windoo in the car - rear facing car seats are much safer - but she also hated the car seat (hmm hmm) so the Windoo really came in handy. We did persevere with the car seat though and got there eventually.

But just as a pram and moses basket it's worth it IMO - she used it until she was about five months - but she is quite small.

Re the Loola Up/Loola difference - we had a Loola Up but I didn't like the single fixed handle (although DH loved it as it's a good height for him) so when the opportunity arose (ie the cat sprayed all over the Loola Up and we couldn't claim on insurance angry) I bought a Loola in the sale (I think the Windoo fits both). I love the split handle - but we've still got the old Loola Up chassis so DH can use that. As far as I can tell it's the only difference between the Loola and the Loola Up (oh apart from the suspension but I'm not sure that's worth an extra £75 or whatever it is.)

Good luck!

sammysamsam Mon 29-Jun-09 14:20:52

mandm yes, the windoo does fit the loola and loola up perfectly. friggin heavy though!

makedoandmend Mon 29-Jun-09 22:13:20

Sammy - true it's not for the fainthearted (or anyone with a bad back)...

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