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sandals for narrow footed ds

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nicolamumof3 Sat 27-Jun-09 13:37:20

he's had so many that are like boats on him, just got some startrite tumbles in an F fitting this morning but they are huge on him still.

Anyone have any suggestions? my youngest is the opposite with wide feet so im used to that. my oldes is just normal its my middle son who's proving the problems.

Hope someone can help?

curlygal Sat 27-Jun-09 20:51:12

An F is a wide fitting so it your DS has narrow feet they wouldn't be much use.

I thought that startrite did narrow fittings?

DS usually wears and F or G as has my wide feet but just got him startrite tumbles and it was an E fitting that fitted him so they must be EXTRA wide! What about sandles with velcro adjusters so you can make them more norrow?

nicolamumof3 Sun 28-Jun-09 07:44:41

i thought an F was like a standard fitting and G or H wide? D E being narrow? oh im confused blush

LIZS Sun 28-Jun-09 08:24:29

Startrite only do f and wider fittings in sandals. dd has same problems but a few years ago we had a pair of Clarks Doodles sandals - the ones with fabric straps for about £14 - which came up ok even thoguh we don't normally shop there for her. Last year she had a pair from TK Maxx of a European brand Primigi. Timberland sandals come up narrow too.

nicolamumof3 Sun 28-Jun-09 08:29:08

Thanks may try the clarks doodles, already tried some clarks sandals which because they were a g (all their sandals are) rubbed his feet and i took them back to shop blush

oopsacoconut Sun 28-Jun-09 08:39:12

If you have a Russell and Bromley near you their own brand sandals are great for narrow feet. I looked after va LO who had D widthn feet and they fitted perfectly.

nicolamumof3 Sun 28-Jun-09 08:40:40

yes i do thank you i might give them a call later before risking trip on train into town with three dcs's. sandals are now impossible to buy that we are almost into july! thanks.

audrey68 Sun 28-Jun-09 20:12:34

hi i work for an independent shoe shop and am start-rite trained, c, d and e fittings are now, f is normal and g and h are wide. start-rite do width fittings in certain style of sandals but must shops tend to only get in f width fittings but should be able to order in a different width (as start-rite warehouse is uk based you can order all year round) other makes that suit narrow feet are petasil and sure fit.

hope this helps

audrey68 Sun 28-Jun-09 20:13:26

ooops, meant c, d and e are "narrow" fittings!!!

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