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Travel cots and Changers

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jackiej Mon 05-May-03 18:17:49


I am expecting my first child in July and need advice. I do not like the pine cots so thinking of buying a Graco Contour Electra (all singing all dancing)This comes with a changer which fits the top. Do I need a stand alone changer ? what is most useful?


eidsvold Mon 05-May-03 18:45:40

We have a travel cot which has the changer attached and I found it useful for setting up downstairs when dd was very little for naps etc. However we do not have a change table at all as her room has a bed in it and so we just have a change mat that we use on top of the other bed. In our old place we just changed her on a mat on our bed or on the lounge room floor.

If you get the cot with the changer I would not bother buying a stand alone changer - perhaps a nice chest of drawers to hold baby clothes and then the top can hold all the changing bits and pieces.

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