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Shoes for crawling?

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MrsDoolittle Sat 14-May-05 12:05:59

Dd is crawling but as yet showing no signs of standing on her own, although she will kneel alot of the time.
Her soft shoes are falling apart and I really need to get her some more, they won't make another trip through the washing machine and they are filthy.
Dh is horrifed at the expense of Clarks and Startrite (silly me for telling him), when she may only be in them for a matter of weeks. The nursery like them to have a pair of shoes of some kind for going outside.
So do I buy her some more soft shoes or some cruising shoes?

marne Sat 14-May-05 12:18:21

I bought my dd clarks crawlers the cost £16,( i didnt think that was to bad). She wore them for six weeks, then i sold them on e-bay. You can buy them on ebay for less than £5 and they look as good as new as kids ar'nt in them for long. I get dd mesured in clarks and then buy them off ebay, when she grows out of them i just sell them and get my money bk.

toomanypushchairs Sat 14-May-05 12:19:43

Marks and spencers do cheaper than clarks shoes. not sure about girls styles, they are normally about £10, Have bought them for boys, they usually have laces/buckles, grippy bottoms(so they don't slip) have always seen suede ones. hope this helps

MrsDoolittle Sat 14-May-05 18:06:01

Thanks Ladies.
Anyway, I went to a shop selling both Startrite and Clarks - but her feet are too small. They are also too wide for Clarks shoes. She'll be a G!
So that's it, I bought some soft shoes in Mothercare in the end.

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