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Babys EBF Poo just squirts up the front and back out of Pampers nappy..Anyone else have this prob?!

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sammysamsam Thu 25-Jun-09 10:13:22

dd is just a tad over 5months and weighed 9.3 at last weigh-in a couple of weeks ago (chunky monkey to say the least)..I have had her in size 3 nappies since she was about 7kg's but this problem of poo riding all the way up her back out of nappy occured then too.. obviously I have her in size 4 nappies now (buying today as the 3 pack has finally finished!), but thinking twice about going for Pampers brand incase her poo keeps on escaping that size too.. Huggies i just think don't hold as much 'wee' as the Pampers BabyDry I'm using currently..

Any recommendations? What's the best way to avoid having to wash set of clothing upteenth times a day?!!! Im so fed up(!)

scattykatty Thu 25-Jun-09 10:51:39

Sorry no answer for now but sympathy as the exact same thing happened to me/DS. Twas a nightmare, but when on solids everything is firmer (horrible thoughts I know) and then the problem stopped. I still use PBD as I do think they are the best.

nicm Thu 25-Jun-09 11:01:45

huggies aren't good at keeping poo in either! my mindee always gets this(she has huggies and pampers)-could it be disposables? my ds is in cloth and between the nappy and the wrap poo never escapes. his is sometimes on the wrap but hers is everywhere!

belgo Thu 25-Jun-09 11:12:24

When you put the nappy on, make sure it's not tight around the bottom. Obviously it needs to be fitted around the waist and legs, but it should not be right up against the baby's bottom, otherwise there is no where for the poo to go except for it to try and escape.

Alternatively, I found clothe nappies with a waterproof cover sewn to fit exactly that best way of dealing with this problem.

sammysamsam Thu 25-Jun-09 11:12:54

grrrr! just had another one now..
scatty- yes, i prefer baby dry- though ive never tried boots/sainsburys own brand as dont have much faith in them..any experiences anyone?

princessmel Thu 25-Jun-09 11:15:00

I have used loads of different types of nappies.

Boots,tesco,sainsburys own all fine. The Nature's own ones are nice too.

I didn't like Huggies as they smelt strongly of wee all the time.

chocolatebunnies Thu 25-Jun-09 11:35:53

Try Pampers ActiveFit instead of BabyDry or Tescos own, we have had the same problem with Pampers, on numerous occasions had to cut both DD and DS out of their vests for the sheer amount of poo but wih these nappies we haven't had any problems

pigleychez Thu 25-Jun-09 11:57:22

DD was the same. We found Pampers crap!
Huggies were abit better.

DD's nappies would be fit to burst by the morning with a damp babygrow too.
We have since swapped to Sainsburys own which have been fab!... and much cheaper too wink

sammysamsam Thu 25-Jun-09 12:15:29

pigley i have heard many good stories abt sainsburys own branded ones too..must give those a try

does this happen with skinny babies too then i wonder?! i just thought it was happening with my dd as she's so chunky and so the poo is 'squeezed' out as there's no room with chunky 'behind' and big thighs etc!!

pigleychez Thu 25-Jun-09 12:29:41

Yes it does Sammy..
My DD is currently 11mths and only weighs 8.5 kgs.

Shes eats like a horse but is just so skinny! Getting clothes to fit is an nightmare! Today shes wearing a pair of 3-6mth old trousers!

fairimum Thu 25-Jun-09 13:12:01

We use the kirkland ones from Costco if you have/know someone who has a card and they are fab! Sainsburys own were also better than pampers, still had it sometimes but not nearly so much, ansd figured if were going to leak anyway I might as well buy the cheaper ones!

larsazlol Thu 25-Jun-09 14:29:31

Cloth nappies are much better for bf poo as it absorbs the liquid rather than squelching it out!!

larsazlol Thu 25-Jun-09 14:29:33

Cloth nappies are much better for bf poo as it absorbs the liquid rather than squelching it out!!

saltcod Thu 25-Jun-09 14:49:59

Had the same problem. I found the Morrisons ones were better than pampers for stage 3, but still had the odd leak. But once DS reached stage 4 (still 1 or 2 BF's per day) I found pampers babydry better.

sammysamsam Fri 26-Jun-09 10:52:31

cloth nappies just seem like such hard work larz*....*saltcod no morrisons or costo..

i think i will deffo give sainsburys own brand a go as cheaper and still good.. size 4 here we come!

serant Fri 26-Jun-09 11:00:10

I didn't rate pampers or huggies for bf babies poo, i did find asda & sainsburys contained it more, but occasionally leaked too..
must be the supa poo!!

saltcod Fri 26-Jun-09 11:05:24

Sainsburys have a 1/3 off all nappies & baby stuff at the moment so definitely a good time to give their own brand ones a go

sammysamsam Sat 27-Jun-09 01:17:04

ooh, thanks salt cod! nice one grin

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