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Graco baby walker question

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vbus Wed 24-Jun-09 14:49:54

I just bought one of these off ebay and it looks great but does anyone know if I can remove the seat cover and wash it? How do I get it off? I don't have any instructions and don't want to yank it off in case I break it. Can't wait to use it.

sammysamsam Sat 27-Jun-09 01:30:58

the seat is secured by abt 6 plastic have to have very nimble fingers to take the cover off though- dont yank, it'll break the clips..its a mission though!im sure i have instructions somewhere, will post if i find them- or let me know if you still need them

vbus Sat 27-Jun-09 09:10:51

Thanks, I'll try and prise off gently then. I'll post again if I can't get it off or back on again, LOL

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