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Concord Ultimax Car seat

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pigleychez Wed 24-Jun-09 10:44:39

Just wondering if anyone has any expierience of this seat.


DD is 11mths old and about 8.5 kgs. She is getting abit snug in her baby carrier car seat so needs a bigger one. Shes not quite the 9kgs to be forward facing Plus id like to keep her rearfacing for alittle while longer too for safety.
This says its can be rearfacing till 18mths.

Any good anyone?

nicm Wed 24-Jun-09 12:59:14

hi i don't have this seat but have the britax 2 way elite, as i wanted to keep ds rf as long as possible. got it from the in car safety and it is rf until age 6! they now do a wider range of rf seats. hth you a little

Jumente Wed 24-Jun-09 13:03:23


yes we had this one. It is in the cellar. grin

Basically an interesting seat with good safety record - but - ds hated it. The straps are v v short and difficult to adjust in a hurry, unlike our Britax 1st class which you can loosen and tighten every time really easily.

It's hard when you feel the headrest, not what you'd call very padded (though it might look it)

Thirdly when ds was facing backwards (gave up at about 12mo and used the Britax) he often used to try and put his foot off the side, and it would have got slammed in the door if I hadn't been very lucky/careful, on more than one occasion.

Good points are that it doesn't MOVE at all once it is in the car - so very stable - and of course barring the door issuem you can have it RF till 18mo.

HTH! (come and take ours away!!)

pigleychez Wed 24-Jun-09 13:22:40

Jumente -
A friend gave us a Britax First class a while ago when i was pregnant with DD. Its been up in the loft and gone manky.
We did try it in the car rear facing and have debating getting another first class but was wondering how long DD would be able to last in it RF.

General question- If it says the seat is forward facing from 9kg does that mean it must be used ff then or could I just keep it RF?

Jumente Wed 24-Jun-09 15:37:13

Hiya, sorry went out ! Well, I don't know the answer tbh, but I think you're prob supposed to put it ff from that weight.

I didn't really like the first class rearward as much as i like it ff. It's far less firm than the concord. But in other ways is much better and user-friendly.

It's a difficult choice, maybe look into the one nicm recommended - it might be a better option?

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