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What do you think of the Blackberry Storm? or recommend me an intuitive electronic organiser

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mascaraohara Wed 24-Jun-09 08:45:45

I am desperate to get an electronice organiser/piece of technology that will organiser my life.

I don't really want another piece of technology rattling round in my handbag so was looking at the Storm (I'm already on a Vodafone Tarrif)

Any thoughts? or other ideas? I'm open to suggestions..

mascaraohara Wed 24-Jun-09 11:22:14


amazonianwoman Wed 24-Jun-09 11:49:34

Switch to O2 and get an IPhone - best thing I've bought all year grin

I know a couple of people who've used both a Blackberry and an Iphone. Both prefer the Iphone.

LupusinaLlamasuit Wed 24-Jun-09 12:00:28

Sell the iPhone to us then: I know everyone goes on about it but tell me what it does that I really, really need.

Can it substitute for my Palm PDA? And I've been reviewing the Joggler for MN/O2. I don't think their calendar software is nearly as good as Palm and it doesn't download onto a handheld/mobile device (only texts reminders)

But I really like the centralised, family calendar idea: is there a way of doing this with the iPhone? Google Calendar?

mascaraohara Wed 24-Jun-09 12:17:52

Interesting, I've heard some negative stuff about the iphone.

I've looked at joggler but I need soemthing really intuitive with reminders etc.. I've been lurking on the ffedback threads and it looks like reminders are frequently late so is it worth the high price tag at the moment?

Isn't the iphone expensive? I could get the storm on a free upgrade from Vodafone...

Would also love to hear about the iphones calendar ability

uberalice Wed 24-Jun-09 12:27:41

DH has a Blackberry through his work and we'd definitely not buy one ourselves. Random slowness, unresponsiveness, poor user interface...

mascaraohara Wed 24-Jun-09 12:58:09

What woudl you have instead?

akhems Wed 24-Jun-09 13:03:46

I've got a blackberry bold and would highly recommend it.. never used a storm tho so can't comment on that one

mascaraohara Wed 24-Jun-09 13:05:53

what do you really like about it?

I would imagine the funcationality of blackberry are similar and that mostly it's only the hardware/interface that changes? so tell me what you love about it grin and what you don't lol

Pinkjenny Wed 24-Jun-09 13:07:06

I have a BlackBerry curve and would echo all that uberalice has said. It has a mind of it's own and drives me insane.

Pinkjenny Wed 24-Jun-09 13:07:21


LupusinaLlamasuit Wed 24-Jun-09 13:17:35

Maybe we should start another thread asking about the iPhone?

mascaraohara Wed 24-Jun-09 13:24:56

Do you want to or shall I? can we link to this one as well

LupusinaLlamasuit Wed 24-Jun-09 13:36:48

already done it! grin

akhems Wed 24-Jun-09 14:23:27

I love that it reminds me when I have appointments and things, word, excel etc, it's really like a mini laptop - the camera takes pretty good piccies too.

I can mumsnet from it and pretty much all sites, msn, yahoo, icq, twitter,

I've got lots of music on it so it also serves as an mp3player

it's fab

akhems Wed 24-Jun-09 14:24:16

sorry should have been a fullstop after sites. It has all those messengers on it if you want it to, and facebook etc as well

MerlinsBeard Wed 24-Jun-09 14:32:01

MoH - DH compared Blackberrys with an iPhone for ages. He went with an iphone in the end. (although still says he would prb have had the storm if it was available on O2) he loves being able to pick his own "stuff" to have on it and the fact it's a Mans Toy (apparentlyhmm)

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