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Pram advice needed from all knowledgable parents - tell me what to buy.

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timmette Tue 23-Jun-09 14:18:09

My lovely mil has offered to pay for a pram for dc2 - she has not specified an amount of money but I would not be happy to ask for more than 200 pounds as it is a lovely gesture and would not want to take advantage. I am happy to buy second hand on ebay. Not really hung up on brands althought not the Quinny Buzz as had that last time and we didn't get along.
We live and do most of our stuff in the city rather than countryside, would like a carrycot thing for newborn, easy to collapse and other than that not particularly fussy.
I am vertically challenged grin and dh is 6'2 - if that is of issue.
Any advice welcome - also any avoids - thankyou.

Carameli Tue 23-Jun-09 15:20:42

I have this one

first wheels city elite

and it is fab. None of mine lasted more than 6wks in moses basket/carrycot. Ds2 used it but now in his cot.

I bought a maxi cosi car seat to fit onto it and makes the school run very easy for me.
The carrycot and car seat are easy to get on and off the chassis. The chassis also fold very easily down to put in car boot.

The handle has a section that swivels so might be useful for different heights.

Not sure how easy it would be to use on public transport, have not tried it on the tube yet?

must get going but will answer any questions if needed.

Verity79 Tue 23-Jun-09 16:26:34


I have the double version of the city elite and the handle can be used by my DH (6' 2") or by my 3 year old! The handle has a huge range of handle heights.

I currently have the Loola Up and I love it. I wouldn't see the need for a seperate carrycot as it lies incredibly flat, but if you were to get one second hand - Bebe Confort Windoo is the name of the carrycot (circa £170 new) - then just use it as a carrycot not in the car. I use buses most days and have taken it on the train with no problems.

I have also had a Hauck Infinity which I loved but was much heavier and didn't fold anywhere as small as the Loola UP. It also went on the bus with no problems.

Good luck with your pram hunt!

missusp Tue 23-Jun-09 16:34:30

I've used the Red Kite Push Me Uno.
It's basically like a pram for a new born which is flat and faces you and then converts to a pushchair. Got an adjustable handle too. Good price - much much cheaper than M&P.
I saw that they have it on offer here
Good luck!

timmette Tue 23-Jun-09 16:48:31

thanks for all the replies - will be back in a bit have to feed the little one and will have a proper read then - but thanks for taking the time to answer it's appreciated.

timmette Tue 23-Jun-09 18:30:34

Oh that first wheels city elite - looks like a good idea - am off to look up the loola

naomi83 Tue 23-Jun-09 19:07:26

Can you use your Buzz for first few months with carrycot or a sling and then buy a maclaren quest? You could buy one new with cosytoes for that price, it's fab for going in and out of the car/ on and off buses, just the best urban, lightweight buggy there is, and on sale right now in kiddicare/mothercare

timmette Tue 23-Jun-09 19:09:44

Good idea but we sold the buzz - and got a Maclaren Volo - but they're no good for newborns - any more great ideas grin.

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