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rubber flooring for bathrooms? got it anyone?

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Elvis Fri 13-May-05 12:52:39

We want to have rubber flooring in our new bathroom. Anyone got it already? Recommend it?
What brand do you have and who laid it for you?

sparklymieow Fri 13-May-05 12:56:45

I have rubber flooring in Ds' wetroom downstairs and I HATE it, the council put it down and it has little bumps all over it to stop the kids slipping but a nightmare to wash and it always looks dirty... sorry if that not what you want to hear though..

marz Fri 13-May-05 13:06:49

For some reason my memory of rubber flooring is that it shows limscale after time and is a nighmare to keep clean without the white marks. Have never had it in my bathroom or anywhere else though!

puddle Fri 13-May-05 13:27:39

Dalsouple. Would never recommend it, it scuffs, gets watermarked and you have to strip and reseal every 6 months.

Now have ceramic and so much nicer

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