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Vax - Wet & Dry Vacccum

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knot Fri 13-May-05 09:00:23

Hi , anyone got one of these?, am looking for a review of it, I am fed up of getting on my hands and knees and scrubbing baby sick/milk off the carpet and wondered whether this was any good to have?, B&q are doing it on a special at £70 and it costs us £50 to hire a cleaner machine for the weekend so am trying to convince myself that its worthwhile, what do you think ?

lou33 Fri 13-May-05 11:47:51

I have one, it's pretty good, cleans my cream rug to an acceptable standard, doesnt leave it too wet afterwards either.

Catbert Fri 13-May-05 12:10:10

Agree it cleans pretty well, but the one I have is a hassle to "convert" into a wet machine... So I don't use it as much as I thought I would...

BethAndHerBrood Fri 13-May-05 12:23:25

We've just bought one, and it seems really good, not too much of a hassle either.

charleypops Fri 13-May-05 12:34:57

I've been thinking about getting one too - Does anyone know if are they as good as the Karchers?

£70 sounds very tempting...

Surfermum Fri 13-May-05 12:59:13

I've been thinking about getting one too, but I'll probably only use it as a wet one. It's a messy little world with a toddler around - and one whose now potty training. My carpets are minging!

Nemo1977 Fri 13-May-05 13:15:28

I have one and love it sooo easy to clean the carpets and i can do them once a month so dont have loads of crushed food or spilt drink on my carpets. I only use it to clean as we have a dyson to hoover so dont know if that makes a difference.

knot Fri 13-May-05 15:05:59

thanks everyone, am convinced sounds easier and better than hands and knees and will be better, cheers,

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