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britax first class si car seat: want a 'head support' for 8kg toddler, or something that gives extra...

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yousaidit Sat 20-Jun-09 22:47:42

... padding to the back of the chair between the babys head and the seat.

basically, we got two of these car seats, one for each car when dd needed her group 1 car seat. however, now we have ds, he is using his sisters car seat from birth as it is the group 0 / group 1 car seat. he's still rear facing, but now that the newborn insert is out (kept that in a bit too long, oops! blush ) as dd was using the car seat prior to us having ds, the 'wadding' has got a bit squashed, and i wanted to use something to just give that extra bit of cushioning / protection if a bump happened and the dc's heads lurched frward, then back. i did get one for dd but she is still using this and i can no longer find one anywhere, basically it is two bg cushioning bits either side of dds head so her head doesn't wobble about, bt t just slips round the straps on the car seat, hence an extra layer being between her head and the car seat.

as ds is 8m its not a baby one i need, can anyone help?

Verity79 Sun 21-Jun-09 20:48:14

I've asked Britax about this myself but they said if it's not crash tested with the seat (i.e. the newborn insert included with the seat is) then they can't recommend or sanction the use of any insert with their seats. I wanted to use a First Class insert with another Britax seat (within the recommended weight limit) and they said no way.

You could purchase a new seat cover from Britax direct then you would have a spare in case of spils/sick/etc whilst you wash the soiled one.

Also how old is the seat? Just a FYI car seats expire 6 years from date of manufacture (I'm sure you are already aware of this) not date of purchase. Date of manufacture will be stamped on the seat frame.

lynniep Mon 22-Jun-09 14:00:46

if you wanted to get a new cover, I can

although its soft, but probably hasnt got the amount of head padding you require (but I recommend them anyway wink )

What about trying one of these

The yondi is what I'm on about. From 1-4 years but I dont see why it wouldnt be ok for an 8 mo.

It has a neck rest but also a bit behind babys head. (I havent tried one of these though so I cant review it for you)

Verity79 Mon 22-Jun-09 16:08:53

I would worry about using an aftermarket product on a car seat (it's a safety device after all)is it flame retardant/mets the relevant safety standard for fabrics.

It would also invalidate your warranty with the car seat manufacturer. So in the event of an accident if anything happened to your DC you would have no recourse with the car seat manufacturer as you have modified the car seat.

They do look cute though and would be great in a bouncy chair or pushchair.

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