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Best bike helmet for a three year old? Where would you buy such a thing?

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KiwiKat Sat 20-Jun-09 10:00:41

He wants a blue one, other than that, am open to recommendations. Thanks for advice.

lljkk Sat 20-Jun-09 12:13:23

Almost Any bike shop will have something suitable.

KiwiKat Sat 20-Jun-09 12:35:13

Halfords has a good range from a quick online visit - anyone bought theirs from there, and are or not happy with it?

helsbels4 Sat 20-Jun-09 12:55:28

We bought our dd(4) a cycle helmet from Halfords a few months ago and it's absolutely fine. The lad that served us seemed to know what he was talking about and tried several different helmets on her because they vary quite a lot. She loves hers!

KiwiKat Sat 20-Jun-09 23:14:46

Got a blue one with cars on it, brand name Bell, and ds is over the moon.

MrsPickles Sat 20-Jun-09 23:27:00

My 2 yrs old DD's helmet is from Halfords and she keeps taking the bloody thing off when she's on the back of my bike. I tighten it as tight as can be so don't know how she gets it off. I know if she's done so not by turning round but by the terrible mother looks I get from passers by at laziness of giving my child a helmet to hold rather than put it on. I shouted at one lady that she'd taken it off herself as I passed her tutting and shaking her head.
Anyway, your DS's helmet sounds lovely and as he's bit older guessing its for his own bike and hopefully he'll keep it on!

KiwiKat Sat 20-Jun-09 23:45:59

Thanks for your lovely message, Mrs Pickles. I had to laugh at the image of all the 'bad mother' looks you were getting. Kids, eh?!

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