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do you think that it's possible that i've had a severe allergy to nasal antihistamine?

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Heathcliffscathy Fri 19-Jun-09 17:04:10

have had palpitations, diahhroea (sp?) and sort of jitters, last night. still feeling the remnants of it (had nasal spray again this morning before beginning to think they might be related).

waht do you reckon?


AnarchyAunt Fri 19-Jun-09 17:05:26

Dunno about allergy as such, but could well be side effects. What was it, and what is listed on the packet?

sarah293 Fri 19-Jun-09 17:06:05

Message withdrawn

Heathcliffscathy Fri 19-Jun-09 17:07:43

flixonase thingy, and i've thrown the packet away!

yes yes, sideeffects is what i heart still feels like it is beating too fast...

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