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Maclaren Techno xlr carry cot opinions?

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Nancy71 Fri 19-Jun-09 17:02:55


I'm thinking of getting a Maclaren Techno xlr to use from birth as I want something lightweight and it has fab reviews.

You can now get a soft cot to add to this, which sounds good for a newborn ... more protection AND the baby then faces you, and I wanted to carry the baby upstairs to our flat in this carrycot if asleep - but it looks like the cot itself (despite called a 'soft cot') is really HEAVY! I was imagining something more like the phil&teds cocoon.

Does anyone have experience of using the soft cot with the maclaren xlr? There aren't any to look at in the shops, i'll need to order over net.

Really appreciate any first-hand reviews.



EldonAve Fri 19-Jun-09 18:33:33

Don't mothercare have it in store yet?

They describe it as lightweight
I can't find it on the maclaren website

Hello, can I just say a couple of things about the XLR.

1)it's not as lightweight as the pushchairs you can use after 6months.

2) Whilst not rear facing I bought a sheepskin and a buggy snuggle and my newborn was just as comfortable as those cots. I know there is all this research about delaying childrens speech if they are forward facing, but honestly I talk to my LO the whole time when he's not in the pram I think he is glad of the break!

3) It is good if you use the car a lot as it does collapse easily and go in the boot unlike a lot of the more expensive options which are huge and more than one piece.

4) The shopping basket is rubbish.

5) It's cheap (even tho it does seem to have gone up in price as we got ours for £160 new last year and think you are now looking at £200+)

I think if I did it all again I would go for the model down (think it's the XT) as you can pimp your pram so your LO is warm and comfortable (i.e sheepskins/buggy snuggles) and you will still have a lightweight option when he is 6months+ which he can nap in.

dinkystinky Sat 20-Jun-09 19:44:22

I echo Libra - its more lightweight than some travel systems but really not that light a buggy in and of itself. I got one for DS2 (to use on public transport in London with a buggyboard attached for DS1) and its absolutely fine. I think the newer models which are 200+ are more of a travel system as you can plug in car seat and carry cot which excplains why the price has gone up.

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