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IKEA - help, am I missing something? (beds) ...

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Disenchanted3 Fri 19-Jun-09 10:58:19

am planning on buying the boys this bunk bed tomorrow ...

it says fits matress size :Mattress length: 200 cm
Mattress width: 90 cm

I can't find a matress that size on there hmm

Am I just missing it completely??

LovelyRitaMeterMaid Fri 19-Jun-09 10:59:56

I searched mattress 200 x 90 and found these

Disenchanted3 Fri 19-Jun-09 11:02:36

oh dear need 2 ... was thinking more the £40 ones

LovelyRitaMeterMaid Fri 19-Jun-09 11:03:15

I think there are others as well - their search is annoying me a bit.

LovelyRitaMeterMaid Fri 19-Jun-09 11:04:00

Have found this - (tried 90 x 200 instead)

LovelyRitaMeterMaid Fri 19-Jun-09 11:05:03

Found it smile

ThingOne Fri 19-Jun-09 11:05:37

They sell mattresses to fit their beds, honest!

Disenchanted3 Fri 19-Jun-09 11:07:19

oooh thankyou

was panicing

cheers x

LovelyRitaMeterMaid Fri 19-Jun-09 11:09:15

Are you going into a store get them. I think there si a check and see if it is available in your store part on the website (don't know if you can reserve).

bagpuss Fri 19-Jun-09 11:13:34

Disenchanted, we have the £44.04 mattresses for both ds1 and ds2, they are seriously comfy and the boys are really pleased with them. We bought them the mydal bunk bed frame and cannot believe the good quality for the price it cost. Not sure where you are planning on buying from but we went to Warrington for ours 2 weeks ago and dh checked the stock levels before he left. He and FIL went for store opening and got two out of the last three mattresses - they are very popular indeed! Hope you manage to get what you need smile.

Disenchanted3 Fri 19-Jun-09 11:17:26

ohh, i better check then ... thankyou.

It will be the Ashton one we go to, but could go to Warrington if more there.

Thanks for the warning x

Disenchanted3 Fri 19-Jun-09 11:19:33

Yey they have over 25 of each, should be ok

Disenchanted3 Fri 19-Jun-09 11:21:14

Can i ask also,

would you get their duvets & bed set too of just stick with the normal 'single' ones they have?

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