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Hard case to protect mobile phone - does such a thing exist?

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SweetApril Thu 18-Jun-09 11:26:47

Hi. The screen on my mobile has a liquid crystal display which, I've discovered the hard way, is very easily damaged if something presses too hard against it. It's been damaged twice now and, tbh, I could have bought a new phone with the cost of the repairs. So now I'm looking for some sort of case which would protect the display. It would be handy to still have easy access to the keypad but I don't use the phone loads so I'd settle for keeping the whole thing inside a box (although would be better if it was see-through). I've had a quick scout online but a lot of the cases made specially for phones apparently break very easily and besides I can't really see whether they protect the actual display.

Anyone else had this problem and found a marvellous solution?

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