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Question for Micralite Fastfold users!

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KiwiPanda Wed 17-Jun-09 21:04:54


Question for those who also have this pushchair (hope this is the right place to ask, too) - when did you first put your DDs and DSs in the pushchair (as opposed to cot)?

DD is 6 months in a few days, instructions say that's the age you can use it from. Just a bit concerned that she'll disappear in it as she's a wee thing - and also that as it doesn't recline all that much (apparently, i haven't actually assembled it yet) she won't sleep well/ slump forward in it?

Advice v welcome please!

5inthebed Wed 17-Jun-09 22:49:21

My DS3 was only 4 months old when I sat him in his. He is a big baby though and had excellent headsupport and good sitting up, courtesy of a bumbo. He looked like this

KiwiPanda Thu 18-Jun-09 10:02:18

5inthebed He looks so cute and cosy! DD is definitely smaller than him at 2 months older smile but it does look like the straps hold /held him nicely in so perhaps she would be fine - I guess there's only one way to find out! She's got great head support but isn't keen on sitting up despite Bumbo so could be an interesting experiment...!

5inthebed Thu 18-Jun-09 10:09:48

As long as you have it on the recline, she would be fine. The seat is like a sling as not supported by rods/cardboard.

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