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I need a booster seat but...

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paranoidmother Tue 16-Jun-09 18:01:18

it needs to be quite narrow. I have 2 DC's and they are both in stage 2/3 seats with backs, headrests etc. However we've all hoping to go on a picnic and other days out with a friend who has a DS.

So we need a booster seat that is narrow to fit in between the seats. Does anyone with 3 DC's or who transports 3 DC's around have any suggestions? I did wonder if a childminder might have a suggestion.

Please help as my friend doesn't drive and we were hoping to be able to all go out together.


moshie Tue 16-Jun-09 18:18:55

Graco boosters are narrow. (Yes I'm a childminder.)

paranoidmother Tue 16-Jun-09 19:46:10

thank you

I didn't mean to pick on just childminders or exclude anyone else I just know all the childminders I see locally always have about 4-6 kids in the car and have to fit them in somehow.

handbagqueen Tue 16-Jun-09 19:47:50

I brought one from tescos and its a lot narrower then the Britax one I used to use.

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