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Who is your broadband supplier and how much does it cost?

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mamadiva Tue 16-Jun-09 11:49:24

I need a new contract as mine is running out soon so want to find out what the cheapest is but also want opinions on how good they are because the one I have now is not great!

saythatagain Tue 16-Jun-09 11:53:16

Don't get me started on broadband suppliers! Our area has a choice of ONE - similar to a cartell really - its s**t too. You are lucky to have a choice; someone will pop along shortly with some proper advice and not the ramblings of a nutter!

Qally Wed 17-Jun-09 00:55:54

Talktalk - and it's free if you have them for the phone. We heard all sorts of horror stories so stayed with Pipex - who gave crappy service. (Sample: called, after a week of the net cutting out constantly, sometimes for hours. Just wanted to know what was going on, DIDN'T want compensation. Very aggressive young man instantly said, "we don't guarantee a broadband service, you know, you're not entitled to anything" which made me flip - how tf can you NOT guarantee to supply the thing you are contracted to supply? That is what a contract MEANS.)

To my amazement, Talktalk have been universally excellent. They cut our phone & online bill from £70 a month to around £30.

If you live in a market 3 exchange area cheapest is Plusnet Value at £5.99 per month

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