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I am looking for a scooter for my 3YO help me find one please...

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mamadiva Tue 16-Jun-09 10:41:40

My gran is getting DS a scooter for DS' 3rd Bday and does'nt have a clue what to get so she said I could pick and she would buy.

Problem is though I have not got a clue which one to get!

I hope he will use it a lot instead of pushchair but I realise this will sometimes end up with me carrying him or scooter.

Does anyone manage on and off public transport and around town with one that does'nt fold up or should I go for one of those?

I don't like the tiny wheels as have heard they can be quite dangerous so would like something with decent sized wheels that will fold. Is there such a thing fro what I find they all have really small ones.

Has anyone got a foldable scooter that they would recommend for small kids?

I thought about the ozbozz 4 wheel trainer to get him started like this as he has a big clunky scooter just now but can't seeem to go on it, it was a hand me down and has huge wheels so maybe too big.

Pollyanna Tue 16-Jun-09 10:43:42

the mini micro scooter is the best imo and ime. I think they have it at great Little Trading Company, but there are (I think) cheaper places to get it.

missblythe Tue 16-Jun-09 10:46:00

Here's the mini micro scooter, all DD's friends have them, apparently they are fab, although DD shows no interest in them at all!:

HeadFairy Tue 16-Jun-09 10:48:01

we ummed and ahhed about scooters, ds was obssessed with them, and we got Mini Micro scooter in the end. They're not that cheap but they're really robust and seem to last forever (practically every child around here has one, they're built to last)

We haven't used it on public transport as ds is still quite young to go without a pushchair, but it's really small and light enough to carry around if you're getting on and off buses etc.

mamadiva Tue 16-Jun-09 11:38:28

I do like the Micro Scooter but am a bit shock at the price of the buggers!

Also heard the 2 wheels at the front are bad for flipping over the bars as they go very fast.

But might be good in a way.

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