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Phil & Ted weight restrictions - help please!

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jess28 Mon 15-Jun-09 21:28:46

We're trying to figure out which double buggy to get once we have DS2... DS1 will be almost 2 and a half when the baby comes. Phil & Ted's looks the easiest to get around the place (don't think the double wides would fit in our front door!) but apparently for the first 6 months you need to put the toddler in the extra seat on top, and the max weight is 16kg. Our toddler already weighs 15.5 kg, so he will definitely be heavier than that. Is this a dealbreaker? Is it dangerous? Anyone a have similar experience? We're also worried that he's going to be too tall and won't fit well in the seat...

Any suggestions welcome!

sazm Thu 18-Jun-09 00:39:42

take him to a shop with you and try it out,
my dd was about 17.5kg when i had her in the doubles seat,her head would have just touched the hood if it was pulled forward,but it was do-able lol,

mum2ella Thu 18-Jun-09 01:24:42

A few of the mothers in my mother's group who have recently had babies have the Phil & Ted's (we all have 2 and a half year old toddlers too) and are happy with them. Not sure of exact weight of their children but imagine they must be similar (my little girl is smaller and weighs 13kg).

Agree with pp - worth taking him to a shop and trying him in one.

tvfriend Thu 18-Jun-09 19:04:31

Also-if you have big baby you will probably move them to the second seat below before 6 months so your toddler won't be in the extra seat as long. In fact my baby is little and I moved him at 4 and a half months as he was getting so hot in the cocoon. He is much happier in the proper seat even though he's still small.

jess28 Mon 22-Jun-09 10:56:54

Thanks all - my inclination is to ignore the weight restriction for a couple of months, but dh is a bit nervous. We have tried to get DS1 to sit in one in a shop, but so far he has been uncooperative! I suppose we'll try again with bribes...

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