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Larger sized trikes

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WigWamBam Wed 11-May-05 18:23:24

My dd is almost 4 and wants a new trike for her birthday. She's very tall (the height of a 6 year old) but really isn't ready for a 2 wheeler yet. All the trikes I've seen are too small, although I know that bigger ones must be available - her nursery has some, but they were donated and they don't know where they came from.

Anyone know where I can find one? Please?

WigWamBam Wed 11-May-05 18:42:52


zebraX Wed 11-May-05 18:45:14

Toys R Us? -- worth a phone call.

lima Wed 11-May-05 18:57:03

why not a 2 wheeler with sabilisers? the ones on my 3 yr olds are rigid and strong, so there's very little chance of him tipping it over

beep Wed 11-May-05 19:04:20

i have a trike that my daughter has grown out of it is the muskateer but pink with white mudguards trike It is just sitting in the shed as she has now out grown it you are most welcome to it if its any good for you.

WigWamBam Wed 11-May-05 19:42:39

Beep - how much would you like for the trike, and whereabouts are you? It looks ideal for what we're looking for.

We had thought about a two-wheeler with stabilisers, but she's not quite ready for that yet (lack of co-ordination, bit of a wuss).

beep Wed 11-May-05 19:52:47

wigwambam i am in cheltenham where are you? I don't really want anything for it have been wondering for a while what to do with it

WigWamBam Wed 11-May-05 19:56:39

Beep, Cheltenham is no problem at all, we're in Sutton Coldfield but my sister-in-law is in Cheltenham and we see her quite often, so we can come to some agreement about how and when we pick it up. It sounds just what we're after, thank you so much.

Are you really sure you don't want anything for it? Because I'm quite prepared to pay!

Can I cat you, and we can sort something out.

Thank you again!

beep Wed 11-May-05 19:58:32

yes cat me

WigWamBam Wed 11-May-05 20:02:32

Done it. Thanks xx

zebraX Sat 14-May-05 10:09:47

Littlewoods catalogue, several in there.

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