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Pushchair Skate - opinions please?

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Pushchairnovice Mon 15-Jun-09 11:22:19

I need a new pushchair for new baby on the way (already have one walking toddler).

I am mostly going to be using a sling, but DH will be using the pushchair.

I like the look of this, as it is both parent facing and forward facing, and has the pram element for newborns. I like that my current primo viaggo car seat wil fit it, and that you can take the main part of it off to collapse, as we live in a flat up a flight of stairs, so space and ease of carrying is good.

Can you give me some plus' and minus' before I take the plunge and spend a lot of money! DH is not sure about me spending £200 on another pushchair (on ebay)

lastboxoftampons Mon 15-Jun-09 12:28:55

I don't have one, have just had a play in the shops, but it is really BIG and heavy! I love that it does everything you mention, but we don't have a car and take public transport a lot and I just don't see how I'd be able to get it on and off a bus. Plus we live in a 2BR flat and just don't have the storage space. (I would hate to have to carry it up the stairs as well, although we live on the ground floor).

But, like I said, I don't have one. Good luck!

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