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Lightweight, folding, 3 decent sized wheeled scooter??? Is there such a thing?

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mamadiva Mon 15-Jun-09 08:53:57

DS (3 next week) has a big clunky bloody tweenies thing but he just can't seem to get going on it I think it's too high or something anyway all his friends are scooting about on scooters with smaller wheels which I have always hated but have now given into the fact that may be the best option!

As we don't drive and I plan to get him out of the pushchair most of the time from now I woud like him to be able to scoot around on that but be able to fold the scooter to carry if/when he gets tired out.

Does anyone know of one that does'nt have teensy wheels? I like the hotwheels one but 3 of DS' friends have it and it does'nt fold!

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