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Crocs - ds in between sizes??

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Maveta Sun 14-Jun-09 21:03:16

ds (2 - size 24 uk 6) tried on some crocs - the 5/6 size was a fit but almost too much, I think his big toe was almost touching the front. Yet the next size up was huge, far too big and he wouldn´t be able to walk in them. I found some cheaper ones online (18quid but still crocs make) and thought I would just get them because even if they only last him the summer its ok at that price.

Now i am doubting and wondering if I should just get some cheap imitation ones that are actually in his size? (as the imitation ones seem to go up 1 size at a time and not 1.5-2 sizes)

Then again I have seen many kids schlepping around in crocs which seem blatantly too small for them and they seem happy/ comfy enough.

what to do?! Are the cheapy ones just as good?

I know this is a pathetic example of dithering indecision but can anyone help me make up my mind? Really don´t want to get them and 1 week later he´s out of them...

horsemadgal Sun 14-Jun-09 21:28:06

My son was the same this year, I got him a pair from B&M Bargains and he's happy as Larry!

He had Crocs and cheapie Asda ones last year and the Asda ones lasted as well.

scattykatty Fri 19-Jun-09 13:28:14

DS was a 5.5 and I got him a pair of Mickey Mouse Crocs and a Thomas pair both 6-7 and they fit perfectly. 4-5 would have fitted really well right now I think but not for very long at all.

I've heard the cheap versions give blisters...

PrammyMammy Fri 19-Jun-09 16:59:37

Hey, i am sure you can shrink them to fit with a hair dryer. Read that on here somewhere lol.
Ds has the sketchers ones and a cheap m&s pair, think they cost me 4.99. and none of them give him blisters.

herbietea Fri 19-Jun-09 17:06:05

Message withdrawn

MilaMae Fri 19-Jun-09 20:29:52

I was in between sizes with all 3 of my dc last year so got market Crocs for £2 the correct sizes,they lived in them. I was quite impressed just lasted the summer no blistering or anything.

This year they all fit the proper ones so got their feet fitted at Russell and Bromley and got the real ones there.

The real ones are softer but I read a post on here last year from somebody who said her dad worked in plastics and they're all made in the same factories.

No idea if that's true but Jellyegg told me the Bosnian ones are bigger. We've got Italian and Chinese ones which definitely come up smaller to my son's Bosnian ones-he wanted orange hmm

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