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Old Style Ford Focus & Car Seats (rearfacing??)

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amberatkins Sun 14-Jun-09 20:18:02

I have an old style, V reg, Ford Focus. Does anyone know whether it has Isofix or whether it is 'Isofix ready'? I've read the car manual but I'm still none the wiser.

I've been told that it doesn't have Isofix but that it has the right brace behind the seats and I can get a Ford dealer to add on an Isofix kit. Is this true? Anyone know how much it costs?

Plus, does anyone with an old style Focus use a rearfacing seat? After my DD has grown out of her Maxi Cosi Cabriofix infant carrier, I'm thinking of keeping her rearfacing but want to know if any rearfacing seats will fit my car.
Was thinking of the BeSafe iZi Combi, the Recaro Polaric or the BRIO Zento.

amberatkins Sun 14-Jun-09 22:26:51


CherryChoc Mon 15-Jun-09 08:46:15

Hello, I don't know much about cars but DP has a V-reg Focus. We have got the Britax First Class seat which does rear-and-forward facing, I am hoping it will mean I can keep DS rearfacing for longer. He is still in his infant carrier at the moment but we did go to Babies R Us and get them to fit the rearfacing one to check it would work. We hadn't really looked at Isofix as an option, it's not really practical for us because I can't drive and need to be able to fit the car seat in multiple cars, not all of which have isofix.

I think if you ring your local Ford dealer they should be able to give you a quote. At Babies R Us they said that the Ford Focus is a good car to fit baby/toddler seats in because of the way the seatbelts are, there is apparently less incidence of buckle crunch.

amberatkins Mon 15-Jun-09 09:51:12

CherryChoc Thanks, will definetly give Babies R Us a try, though not sure if they do what I'm after. I've just had a look at the Britax website and the it says that the First Class can only be rearfacing up to 13kg, the same as my MaxiCosi Cabriofix, after that its meant to go forward facing.
I'm after a rearfacing seat for once she is out of the MaxiCosi, anywhere up to 4 years old. Have found somewhere that sells them, I just need to find out if they fit in my car hmm

nicm Mon 15-Jun-09 14:08:28

i got my gp 1 rf from the in car safety centre. if you call where you are buying it from they might be able to tell you if it fits in your car or try the essex car ladies-they know everything about car seats lol! sorry i can't help you but i have the 2 way elite!

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