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Trainers - ankle support - where to buy? Sandal boots.

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ACL Sun 14-Jun-09 08:45:51


Looking for cool trainers to fit size 4 (11 yr old son) - and the trainers need to have ankle support as he is hypermobile (eg ankles can give way outdoors).

So far, we have found basketball, skateboarding and boxing (!) trainers have ankle support but cannot find any locally as size 3 is not stocked - only 6 plus.

One cool shop assistant said we need to go to Oxford St as this is where the latest trends are - but which shops? I was on a mission to get Nike Dunk Hi but he said that these are not cool now and are going out of fashion, and could not be found locally as a result. He also said that Dunk Hi would not offer much support.

I do not fancy buying via Internet as my son has inserts altho perhaps once we find what fits, we could order online - has anyone customised trainers boots eg Nike?

Btw we have ordered lovely boots from Green Shoes - went there and had measurements taken - great day out too as there is a local steam train etc. Boots arriving soon - and for me too - I cant wait to get them (eg Willow sandal - yes a girly sandal boot!) - and to have a choice of colours rather than stuck in black boots. I have inserts too.

What do teens like re boots? trainers? I do not want to turn into my mother and make my son wear something uncool?! Ideas PLEASE! I see myself evolving into Ronnie Corbett's mother in the Sorry TV programme - oh no! Help!

Many thanks grin

ACL Sun 14-Jun-09 08:47:16

PS My son is size 3 really but can fit a 4 sometimes.

ACL Mon 15-Jun-09 17:24:00

Help - advice please! Many thanks.

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