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Alba Freeview box help please

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LIZS Sat 13-Jun-09 12:04:21

Our Alba STB8 freeview box is switchign itself between on and off (light goes red, green and back to red) so won't come on and stay on . We've tried switching it on and off and leaving it off for a while but it makes no difference. Only about 18 months old hmm Any ideas please ?

Mutt Sat 13-Jun-09 12:22:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LIZS Sat 13-Jun-09 14:38:41

yes it was switched off at the plug for most of yesterday, can't see any childlock. Remote doesn't seem to help. Tried to look it up on the Alba website but got redirected to another which makes no mention of Alba products hmm

LIZS Sat 13-Jun-09 19:08:59

anyone ?

LIZS Tue 16-Jun-09 08:26:54

think it is kaput unless anyone has other ideas ? tried setting it up again last night, but no odds.

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