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Protect a Bub for Phil & Teds sport double

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Gmakes3 Fri 12-Jun-09 17:13:42

Has anyone used one of these when using the double kit in the newborn position? Are they any good? do they fit in the newborn or are they just for the double seat. Any advice would be great. Hve seen the uv cover for the double but there is no way my 2 year old will want to be covered completely.

tvfriend Fri 12-Jun-09 21:14:57

Not sure about the lay flat position but I've just moved my baby into the bottom seat and I tend to just drape the shade around his bit and not have it over my 2 year old at the front (just bunch it up over the hood) as I don't think she'd stand for it either. (alth may use it on the beach if they were both asleep maybe).
It's really good for the baby as completely shades him and he doesn't seem to mind it (he's 5 months old).
I'm sure it would work if you have the baby in the newborn position.

Gmakes3 Sat 13-Jun-09 08:40:09

Thanks tv fiend

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