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One-handed lightweight pushchair/buggy? Advice please!

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MinnieMummy Fri 12-Jun-09 10:18:11

Hi, we have DS 2.6 and DD 10 mths and for longer journeys I use a P&T, all good.

For short walks around the village/to shops etc. I use a maclaren XT, great, light, foldable, etc. etc.

BUT bloomin hard work to push with one hand when you're holding DS with the other so he doesn't run off into the road.

Is there a non-expensive lightweight one-handed/horizontal bar equivalent? Am happy with second hand..

Any advice much appreciated.

nicolamumof3 Fri 12-Jun-09 13:02:42

i had same problem, find the quest much easier i had to get rid of my xt as i couldn't one hadn push it. aslo the luna is nice and the nipper 360 i have is super light very easy one handed but lovely three wheeler.

gigglewitch Fri 12-Jun-09 13:14:12

I got a mothercare Urban Detour off ebay when I needed one-handed (wrist injury) - but I can't say it is lightweight....hmm DD was 2.6 at the time, now 3.6 and still happily using it. It's very very easy to push, but if you are after a buggy that is actually light to lift as opposed to light to push iyswim, then not the one <unhelpful> blush
Don't touch any of the quinny ones - they all go round in circles when you push one handed grin

missusp Fri 12-Jun-09 14:12:52

Lightweight and single handed? Tough one!
I have seen the Cosatto Tribo which looks good and pushes easily. but not the cheapesthmm
Or there is the Red Kite Compact Jogger which has all the extras with it.

In terms of keeping DS off the road, what about reins or a wrist strap, then you could push with both hands if you hook the reins round your wrist? Just an idea smile

silverfrog Fri 12-Jun-09 14:21:13

do you not find your P&T is quite light to push with just the baby in?

I usually have my 2 in a P&T - dd1 is nearly 5 (ASD, that's why she's still in a buggy) and dd2 is 2.4, and if I have dd1 walking, i find t an absolute breeze to push the P&T with dd2 in it

5inthebed Fri 12-Jun-09 15:35:39

Micralite Fastfold or Baby Jogger City Mini (BJCM).

Both great to push one handed. Micralite you can get for about £60ish off Ebay, BJCM not so cheap, but well worth what you pay for it.

MinnieMummy Sat 13-Jun-09 14:22:31

Excellent, thanks for all the suggestions, will have a look on eBay. Silverfrog yes the P&T is easy with just DD in it if I lock the front wheel but it usually lives in the car boot [lazy and spoilt two-buggy mummy emoticon] so I'm after something light for quick trips, eg walking DS to pre-school. Wrist rein might be the simplest and cheapest option tho!
Thanks again, I knew you guys would have the answer(s)!

potatofactory Sat 13-Jun-09 14:27:06

I got a secondhand Maclaren Volo from ebay for £20. It has two handles, but is REALLY easy to push one-handed. I love it and have used nothing else since we got it. I carry it over my shoulder on its strap whilst my dd (2) walks then when she's tired we pop it open and off we go - genius!

sammysamsam Sat 13-Jun-09 23:10:22

I second Volo, though no recline, but I do love mine..XT is abit hard to push one handed as nic said, but BJCM is fab, light and easy to steer. though dunno why I'm not loving mine still..hmm

Egg Sat 13-Jun-09 23:13:34

I have a double Nipper which I can steer with one hand whilst carrying one or other of DC (with two DC in it) so think single Nipper must also be easy to steer. Can get them second hand on ebay (but not the cheapest around).

tellnoone Sat 13-Jun-09 23:47:24

I have a Bebe Confort Vit, it is very lightweight and really easy one handed push. Has a single bar in a semi circle shape. I recommend it as a super lightweight one hander! I got mine off ebay for £40 delivered. It's also reviewed on the mumsnet product review bit.

vit on ebay

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