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Alternatives to my double buggy

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Clairgod Fri 25-May-01 16:34:31

I have two children, aged 3 and 17 months. I have a Mothercare
Atlantis buggy (sorry, doesn't live up to the reviews!) but I am looking for alternatives, as (A) it doesn't fit in my Husbands new car, (B) every it gets used my baby comes back covered in scratches from the
other one, and (C) our village doesn't have a lot pf pavements, and
sticking out 3 feet in a double buggy isn't a safe idea. I use a sling
and citysport sometimes, but my Mum won't use it and the baby is
getting heavy for days away like this. Sam isn't quite ready for a buggy board (unless i can lash him on with ten metres of rope!).
I saw someone with a seat that fixed on top of her pram. Any ideas

Sc Sat 26-May-01 22:23:59

Hi, there's 16 months between my two and I bought a Cosatto side by side, great except it won't go through shop doorways. So I was reliant on someone coming over if I needed to nip out for anything. I have just bought an Emmaljunga pushchair second hand, (I think its a Grizzly - could be a Husky, they're similar), which has a detachable toddler seat on the top. So far it's worked great, yes it's a little heavy, but then so was the other one. It's very very sturdy and my (now 21 month old little boy) loves sitting up high, and I can go shopping again! I think they have a review of this one on this site too.
Hope this helps.

Sc Sat 26-May-01 22:25:31

Sorry - me again, it's quite big folded, but the wheels click off (very neat design) in a second if you need the space.

Chelle Mon 28-May-01 05:40:34

A friend of mine had two children 14 months apart and had a double pram that had one child seated in front of the other. It was the same width as a normal pram but a bit longer. Both seats could recline right back etc. I'm sorry I don't know what brand it was (not that it'd likely be any help to those in UK as I'm in Australia) but I have seen several around the place. Do they make these in the UK? I know my friend was very happy with it and didn't seem to have any problems with carting it around in their car (typical family sedan). Good luck!

Sabine Tue 29-May-01 23:14:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Nw Wed 30-May-01 12:28:30

I too tried the mothercare Atlantis, what a load of rubbish. We now have an XTS which I bought from John Lewis. I measured the width of all of the double buggies they had (approx 10) and this was the narrowist. It fits through my front door and through most shop doors. The raincover is great and it is very light and easy to handle. The only problem is folding it and putting it in the car, it unfolds unless you bearhug it and throw it in. Our boys are 8 and 26 months and love it. Good luck!!

Clairgod Mon 04-Jun-01 11:29:12

hanks for the ideas. I will try them.

DMK Sun 10-Mar-02 10:21:30

I have 9 month old twins and am interested in other mum's experience of all terrain type buggys.
The one in particular I am looking at just now is the XTS.(A local shop is selling off their display model.)
We bought the Cosatto Kiwi, great initially,can't fault it for new borns. But,what hard work to push as they grow.I find the swivel front wheels difficult to keep in the direction I'm going in at times.
In particular I want to know how the AT buggys fair when in shops, going from smooth flooring to carpeted areas and manouvering through the tiny pathways left between display rails etc.

Can anyone help?

LizP Tue 12-Mar-02 23:41:54

DMK, I've got a Mountain Buggy Terrain double which I think is great - very easy to push, no heavier than my cheap mothercare double buggy, and also narrow enough for shop door ways. It does seem really big when I'm shopping but it is no bigger than any other double - just looks it. My only complaint it that it takes up lots of boot space.

Tetley Wed 13-Mar-02 11:54:53

I love my AT buggy! A bit wide and long in shops, but you manage! They're soooo much easier to push than normal ones - up kerbs etc. No problems with going between different floor surfaces. Only problem is going through shop doors - if no-one holds the door open for you. Because it's long - it's very difficult to hold the door yourself, and push the buggy.

I agree about the boot space - in fact we've bought a bigger car!!

DMK Wed 13-Mar-02 22:29:26

Thanks for replies, I've decided to go for the xts! Hope I'm not disappointed.
It's just so frustrating that you have to make such a large purchase with no experience or limited knowledge.I wonder how many of us would choose the same buggy/pram again? Hindsite is a wonderful thing!!

jenniferyellowred Tue 09-Apr-02 12:58:47

Hello, I would like to get a hold of a pram with a toddlerseat that attaches on top. Does anyone have experience with one of these vs. a double buggy? How about good models? Where to buy (London) or any secondhand?
Any advice would be gratefully received.

scareyclairey Fri 19-Sep-03 23:06:19

Is there a double bubby out there that has a wide enogh seat for a large toddler and a baby but can get through doors easily?

scareyclairey Fri 19-Sep-03 23:07:24

Is there a double buggy out there that has a wide enough seat for a large toddler and a baby but can get through doors easily?

Jimjams Sun 21-Sep-03 21:14:32

I bought an instep all terain. It's the narrowest all terrain buggy, but bigger than the normal side by sides. Ds1 is large and he fitted into in until he was over 3, although I have to admit I did tend to make him walk and then sit him in it if we were somewhere he may run off. Becuase its all terrain it's easy to push as well. I was happy with it.

ashall Mon 07-Mar-05 14:11:14

Hi there - has anyone had any experience with a Phil & Teds E3 - it's a single buggy that has an extra seat that can be added on for a toddler? Or anyone with experience of the Jane Powertwin - tandem 3 wheeler? I have 13 mth and 3 mth old dd's and am looking to get something that can take both of them - am using a single buggy and BabyBjorn Baby Carrier at the moment!

lunavix Mon 07-Mar-05 14:12:14

Haven't read this but buggy board do a 'seat to go' so they can sit.

eidsvold Mon 07-Mar-05 21:13:21

i bought a three wheeled pram for dd2 with the intention of putting dd1 in it and using the sling for dd2 until she could go in the pram. My dd1 2 1/2 is not walking yet and so needed something and her stroller is hard to manage one handed.

Unfortunately dd2 is big and so put a lot of strain on my back carrying her in the sling all the time. I then found a toddler seat that attached to my buggy. It was a different make but I just tried it in the store. It just clips and buckles onto the pram. It is a godsend. The pram is a little heavy to steer but the convenience, size and so on far outweighs that.

ashall have not had personal experience but saw one the other day and both children looked very comfortable and the mum had not problems manouvering it.

Woody1 Tue 05-Jul-05 14:23:29

Iam considering buying the E3 for my twin boys (8months - but large!!). Has anyone used this for twins? Also, has anyone managed to use the E3 on public transport bus or tube? thanks

welshmummy Wed 06-Jul-05 21:35:29

In the midst of trying to decide on double buggy - will have 13 month old son (bigger than average) when I have baby no.2.
Haven't heard of the option of clip on seats - could someone enlighten me or direct me to a website so that I can investigate them as an option too - hoorah more options to consider !

ashall Tue 26-Jul-05 22:13:00

Hi all...just thought I'd let you know that I decided on Powertwin in the end... and it's marvellous. So light and easy to push (one handed as well...handy for negotiating shop doors etc..) Easy to collapse. 18mth DD loves it in the front seat, 7mth DD seems happy in the back. Only snag was we had B+VW Passat and boot opening wasn't wide enough to accomodate front wheel..had to take wheel on and off all time...have overcome that by getting new car now have REnault Laguna Sport Tourer (Estate) and it fits in the perfect. Very happy with Jane Powertwin. Would def recommend it.

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