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baby monitor recommendations

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browntrout Thu 11-Jun-09 21:38:02

this has probably been done a million times so apologies in advance....

I am looking for a baby monitor for DC2 when s/he arrives. Last time around I had the most basic model from a friend which made the most annoying buzzing sound, so much so I gave up after about 2 days.

I see that there are lots of high tech video type ones available now. Are they a waste of time/money or have people found them to be useful? Not really got a budget, would rather pay for the right one, but don't want to fall foul of the 'I saw you coming' scenario and end up getting fleeced. I am slightly taken with the video ones but wonder if they are no better than the ones which just have sound?

anyway, and guidance greatly appreciated.

charliejess22 Fri 12-Jun-09 21:14:45

I borrowed a tomy walkabout platinum digital from a friend and when she needed it back i tried a few of the cheaper ones and they were all rubbish, lots of buzzing and interferance and couldnt hear my baby upstairs! I ended up buying a tomy walkabout platinum for myself for about £65 online. Its just fab! No interferance or buzzing, has the temperature and a night light, a feeding timer and talkback facility. Also read reviews on one called lights and sounds i think that was very good and a lot cheaper but i havent actually tried it myself

sammysamsam Sat 13-Jun-09 23:13:11

i have a tomy walkabout classic advance digital (one step down from the 'platinum' as above!) its fab, no interference, has a digital temp display and light display. i love it. dont bother with high tech video ones, don't need them..or those with movement pads which you place under mattress..there's nothing worser than making a new mummy paranoid!yep, the tomy's are my number 1 too.

Dalrymps Sat 13-Jun-09 23:16:42

Tomy here too, have the walkabout classis advance. They're 20% off on amazon at the moment. Really good sound, can hear ds breathing smile

fairimum Sun 14-Jun-09 06:57:45

We have an angelcare one with sensor pad, never made me paranoid helped me get more sleep as when woke in the night i could just hear the ticking (can be turned off!) and know DD was ok (ie still breathing) so didnt get out of bed to check on her, which I would have done otherwise!

meep Sun 14-Jun-09 07:52:04

we got an angelcare one with dd2. We didn't buy it for dd1 as were told it would make us paranoid - in hindsight it waould have saved us hundreds of trips upstairs to "check" if she was still breathing and saved our sanitygrin. We have the ticking switched off and there is a little light that flashes to show they are breathing. The only annoying thing is when you forget to switch it off when you pick up teh baby for a middle of the night feed and the alram goes off.

nicolamumof3 Sun 14-Jun-09 08:37:29

as long as you get digital shouldn't have any interferance or buzzing. we have the bt one it was about £50 from boots has lots of features and still going strong 3yrs later(used for third baby)

browntrout Sun 14-Jun-09 18:45:08

thanks so much. I think a digital one it is and I'll shop around for the best price. I am glad I dont need a video one - it did all seem too much like spying on the poor child!

TheBreastmilksOnMe Sun 14-Jun-09 18:49:07

Don't get the Tomy walkabout basic model it's crap, we're on our second one after the first one just lost its sound all of a sudden! we got given a second one otherwise we would have gone for a different model. Lots of interference too.

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