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Cars with no spare wheels - should it put me off?

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Thelongroadhome Wed 10-Jun-09 21:13:34

Hi, I'm thinking about buying one of the new style Ford Galaxy's (a used one) and I see they dont come with a spare wheel - just the stuff that you spray in and it will get you to a nearby garage. Well, I dont know if I'm just unlucky but I seem to spend my time getting flat tyres and so it is putting me off. But, I know that loads of folk must have no spare like this as so many people carriers dont do them. So cant decide if I should just ignore the fact, or get a spare one and keep it at home for going on long journeys ...... Sorry, realise I am waffling on here!!

themoon Wed 10-Jun-09 21:30:50

I've had a car with no spare wheel for over two years with no problems. I do worry about getting a flat tyre though, as my wheels are unusual and I know I would have to wait a month for one on order.

I keep looking on ebay for spares to keep at home, but no luck so far. A whole new set would set me back over £1,000.

Ford galaxy tyres would be 'normal' and so no waiting list for them. I think you will be fine.

Thelongroadhome Thu 11-Jun-09 09:55:58

Thanks for that - I think I'm just worried that if I break down out of town, or out of working hours, I'm going to be stuck. Must check if the RAC covers it as someone would obviously need to go and get the new tyre.

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