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Please please find me a new set of cutlery..

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charlieandlola Wed 10-Jun-09 19:54:16

Our current"family" set is nearly 14 years old, and has had it. Plus we only have 5 forks, 8 knives and 2 teaspoons left - the rest have died/gone rusty/fallen to bits. It is really quite embarrassing.
We have a set for entertaining, but dh complains every time he uses the "family" set.

I want a set that feels "heavy" to use, but is not too "heavy" for everyday. I have been to Ikea, M&S and Debenhams. They all feel a bit light/flimsy to me. Have yet to go to JL, but looking for recommendations.

Budget not an issue, not prepared to spend £20 per knife or spoon, but happy to go £100+ for the set if its the right one.

DS is nearly 7, so ok with adult size/weight.

Our current set is French bistro type, coloured handled and stainless steel. Must be dishwasher proof.

Any ideas?

ellceeell Wed 10-Jun-09 20:38:55

What about these? - if you live anywhere near the shop it is a lovely place to visit! Or that might mean that I am a sad person. blush

GrapefruitMoon Wed 10-Jun-09 20:42:21

Did you see these ones in Ikea?


They are not always in stock - probably because they are quite popular. They are a good weight, we have had a set for years and recently bought a second set so that we didn't keep running out when the dishwasher was running!

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