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Microsoft word and PowerPoint

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EccentricaGallumbits Wed 10-Jun-09 08:37:48

My computer is crap basic and has only works.

I need to get something more compatible with other computers like Word and I also need to get Powerpoint so I can do some student stuff at home.

Can someone techy minded advise what I need to get and how much this is going to cost? also can I get it cheap anywhere? I've had a bit of a look around and it looks like it is going to cost about £100 ish.

Any ideas?

PortAndLemon Wed 10-Jun-09 08:41:51

If you're a student you are entitled to cheap copies of Office applications. Check out (e.g.)

PortAndLemon Wed 10-Jun-09 08:45:52

As an alternative for those not entitled to an educational discount, the OpenOffice suite of applications is free and largely compatible with Word, Powerpoint and Excel (I have Word and PP on my laptop and OpenOffice on my netbook).

EccentricaGallumbits Wed 10-Jun-09 08:48:43

Thanks Port. Is that legal? right? does it work? How come that's £35 rather than £a million?

PortAndLemon Wed 10-Jun-09 09:07:44

It's legal -- Microsoft offers a substantial discount for bona fide students. In the past I think you tended to have to buy through your institution, but then sites like s4s started signing up institutions instead which saved the institutions the hassle.

The idea from Microsoft's POV is that everyone gets used to/dependent on Microsoft products when at school/college and then can't give them up later when they have to pay full whack. Think of it like a drug dealer giving out free samples to schoolchildren...

PortAndLemon Wed 10-Jun-09 09:09:20

You can Google software4students if you want to check that no one's reporting getting ripped off by them.

EccentricaGallumbits Wed 10-Jun-09 09:11:09


am orf to purchase! then write presentation, then practse presentation, then put in nice pictures, then have a nap, then go to work!

alternatively I could sit about on here all morning, eating cake.

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