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Britax Strider - Any good?

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ivedoneitnow Tue 09-Jun-09 22:52:19

I have a bugaboo cameleon and my dd is 8 months, but the taking apart of the pram to put it in my boot every day is driving me round the bend. So now my pushchair addiction is rearing its ugly head again!!
I want (not sure it exists though) a rear facing, folds in one piece pushchair without small wheels (ie like loola) as the little wheels get stuck when we go for walks.
I have spotted the Britax Vigour 3 online, which looks like it may fit my bill, but haven't seen it in the flesh. I have also got the offer of a Britax Strider (looks same as the vigour 3, without the cross bar to hit your feet on when you walk) but does anyone know what it is like (mainly how wide are the back wheels, and is it dead heavy??

lastboxoftampons Wed 10-Jun-09 10:37:16

I ~think~ that the Strider is the previous Vigour (the 2009 Vigour is slightly different and reclines flat for use from birth) but was for the Kiwi/Aussie market? It's listed on the Australian section of the Britax website.

Apparently it's about 12.1KG, the new Vigour is 11.7, I think - so not much difference there.

ivedoneitnow Thu 11-Jun-09 23:09:19

I bought it.... Got it home and washed it... I like it but it is absolutely massive!! Won't go through some narrow doorways in my house and a struggle to get it into the boot.... Still, a nice strong pushchair for walks and the school run!!!

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