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Which buggy works best with a buggy board?

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LearnerMother Mon 08-Jun-09 15:29:54

I am going mad! Am on baby number 3 and buggy number ... must be 9! I am now looking for something middling weight, that will face back or forwards, with a decent harness / brake / hood, and most importantly, that will take a buggy board comfortably! This seems like a lot to ask, and advice out there seems minimal - it's as if retailers are great at selling you your perfect pram once - when pregnant with your first - but after that they don't want to know. I should say that the baby is already 9 months old, and my son is 3.

Am interested in the icandy cherry or possibly apple at a stretch (or second hand), Britax Vigour or Bebe confort Loola. Any advice most gratefully received!

larsazlol Mon 08-Jun-09 16:40:01

hi, I am also on baby number 3. I currently have a buggy board on a britax vigour 4+ (but have changed the rear wheels for air tyres).

I have also in the past had the board on an infinity which was very good too but infinity does not fold very small, I could not see it working on the cherry when I was in the shop due the amount of space under the handle. I was very pleasantly surprised with how well the Loola up handled the buggy board. Sorry not a definative answer for you.

LearnerMother Mon 08-Jun-09 16:48:14

Wow, thanks larsazlol! I think you must've had more buggies than me :-)

How do you find the Vigour 4+ generally? I'd be keen to use it rearward facing quite often - does this affect the buggy board?

I had discounted the Loola Up because of the single handle, am interested that you found this okay.

I can't make a mistake - my DH already thinks I'm insane to even be considering yet another buggy. They're just such important things.

larsazlol Mon 08-Jun-09 22:52:32

I am also in the search for the perfect pushchair combinations to move two little ones around. It is so much harder than just having one in a buggy everything seems like a compromise and I don't like compromise!

I like the vigour 4+ I have the 2009 one and it is great rearward facing with buggyboard it is generally a very nice pushchair. Loola up is very good too the position of the handlebar gives lots of headroom for the board rider it pushes well which surprised me, I think the loola up is lots better to than the ordinary loola.
Depends what you want it for, I do alot of walking so vigour suits us better (I do use a double though as well ) but if you don't walk so much and in car etc Loola up folds smaller.

ScotGirl Tue 09-Jun-09 21:51:24

I had the same quest! I'm using my double buggy very rarely but DS1 can't walk everywhere. I hate using my XT with the buggy board (DS1 pulls on the handles and tips it back) and I just hate my old Buzz - everything about it really - and DS1 can't stand straight on the buggy board but has to bend his back to fit in the handle.

Anyway - new buggy which I bought this weekend to be good with my Maxi buggyboard is the Loola Up - I tested it in every combination before I decided to keep it, as it has to work well with the buggy board for me. Well - it is like it is designed for a buggy board! The handle shape mirrors the shape of the board because it has the rotating joint so there is good clearance for walking - the handle bar is directly above the end of the board. The handle creates a natural gap for DS1. We had our first outing this afternoon - it was a long one and it was a big success.

The Lascal site recommends position 2 for the fixing, but these mean you can't raise the board past the Loola footrest when it is reclined. If you put it in position 3 the buggy board can be raised with the strap in any position that the buggy is in.

Glasgow Pram centre are selling the red/ black combo for £179.99 at the moment. They are branded Bebe Comfort not Maxi Cosi but it is the same buggy they were just rebranded in Feb 09. This is a great deal as they are £285 in John Lewis. They show no availability online but I was in the store on Saturday and they had 25 left so they might be able to do a postage deal for you.

littleducks Tue 09-Jun-09 21:54:30

i have an icandy cherry an buggyboard, it is quite good although after having a p and ted dbl i do sometimes wish i had the apple as handle extend and air tires but overall not worth the extra ££££

LearnerMother Wed 10-Jun-09 09:23:38

That's funny littleducks! I'm also graduating from a Phil and Ted's double, which was useful but I found the brake incredibly stiff and couldn't lift the front seat from fully reclined with the baby in it, hence the need to change. Do you mind me asking how old / big DS1 is?

Am v interested in the Loola Up, and had heard something similar from Mothercare about the rebranding thing, so there should be some good deals generally?

I do more walking than driving, so size isn't such an issue ... am off to look again at the Vigour, Cherry and Apple in my local shop!

Thanks again for all your help. I feel less crazy already.

littleducks Wed 10-Jun-09 10:23:18

dd is 3 (we switched around her birthday) ds is 1

I like that ds is facing me and the kids face each other, i switched pre summer as i found the p and t a nightmare trying to keep kids out of the sun

This prob breaks all guidelines but if you put buggyboard in up position (tied to handlebar) then the chassis folds with board on

Umlellala Wed 10-Jun-09 10:31:23

I miss my Cherry (and used to have them facing each other too). Was so much better with buggyboard (dd just fit behind the handle). And yes, I used to fold with board still attached too.

My back is killing me trying to push Maclaren + buggyboard so I wouldn't be attempting to do it with the Loola. Have promised myself an Infinity, but only when we move house (not likely to be for a while... sad)

littleducks Wed 10-Jun-09 14:43:54

yes i bought buggyboard on Umlallala's recommendation (i have red on with smiley faces so even matches wink) my dd is just inside handle

(and as im such a rule breaker she has occassionally sat on it sideways holding on tight while i push slow as despite hating sitting in p and t she missed it when it was gon2e2)22

LearnerMother Thu 02-Jul-09 21:22:50

Ok, so thought you'd appreciate a quick update.

I finally plumped for the Britax Vigour 4+, despite one local shop pretty much refusing to sell it to me on the grounds that it wouldn't work with a buggyboard!

I'm pleased I didn't listen - am delighted with my purchase - DD2 loves being up high, seeing the world, me and her brother, DS1 loves riding the board, and fits pretty well inside the handle, and I love the manoevrability and ease of use!! The brake is great too, and the hood is nice and big. Only tiny niggles are that the harness buckle is very slightly fiddly to use and the basket could be slightly larger. For the money though, it's spot on.

Thanks all for your advice - just goes to show, they really don't know what they're talking about half the time.

jeaniego Tue 11-Aug-09 10:21:28

hi little ducks (or anyone else)

I am about to buy a second hand icandy cherry but have heard mixed things about adding a buggy board. It seems that you have successfully done this could you advise me which board you used and how you find it?

kind regards


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