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Super duper ice lolly moulds

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TheMadHouse Sun 07-Jun-09 19:34:57

I got these in matalan last week.

£5 for 4 and they are the bees knees.

My two love ice lollys, but I am useless at home made ones - can never get them out of the containers or they always make a real mess with them.

These stop all that - they are so cool. We have had smoothie ones and flavoured milk ones this weekend.

Such a hit with the mini mads

mrsmaidamess Sun 07-Jun-09 19:37:05

God that made me jump when I clicked on it. MAKE SURE YOU TURN DOWN YOUR SPEAKERS

TheMadHouse Sun 07-Jun-09 19:40:10

Oh sorry - I dont have the sound on my Laptop blush They are good though

Tortoise Sun 07-Jun-09 19:42:47

I did see these in Matalan and thought they looked good. WIll have to get some when i next go in.

KnitterInTheNW Sun 07-Jun-09 19:43:57

I thought you were asking for super duper ice lolly mould recommendations, and was going to tell you to get those exact ones!

MuppetsMuggle Sun 07-Jun-09 19:47:51

Thanks TMH - I was looking for some good ones, as DD loves ice lollies

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