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NeedaNewName Sun 07-Jun-09 14:11:27

Now not sure if this is really the right place to put this, if not hopefully someone will point me in the right direction.

Anyway after the fab morning trying the game out a couple of weeks ago, I got my trial copy on Friday and luckily for me DH suggested that we go and get a Wii which we did yesterday.

The idea is that we have to complete a 30 day challenge - 20 mins exercise with the game for 5 days a week, a bit like a DVD workout except you don;t do the same thing again and again and again, there are loads of different exercises that work different parts of your body.

So I did my first day in the 30 day Challenege and it was fab - there were a couple of things that were a bit tricky to get the hang of initially but with a bit of practise I got it.

No boxing yesterday so my arms are OK!

The only thing I did find was that you probably should wear leggings ot sportswear on your lower half as jeans aren;t very good - the leg strap kept falling down when I was running.

So where are you other MN doing this?! MrsMerryHenry, RubyRubyRuby, Marslady, Solo?

NeedaNewName Sun 07-Jun-09 15:15:35

Right have now found you all so will post there instead!

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