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Anyone else's DC have jojomamanbebe canvas summer shoes?

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curlygal Sat 06-Jun-09 19:36:27

I got them one year they were great, second year inner lining came away with in days, this year ditto.

Anyone else have this problem? Or have some good summer shoes they can recommend.

Am thinking of just getting the startrite ones when they go in the sale

nicolamumof3 Sat 06-Jun-09 19:39:45

startrite already have some in the sale if you look on their website. they are last years styles but they are still good (not sure about girls as i only have boys) i've got jojo stripe canvas pull ons which are fine for ds but come up really big so he hasn't worn that much yet.

curlygal Sat 06-Jun-09 19:44:01

Thanks Nicola

I have a boy and had a look at the startrite website but was put off by the £3.99 p&p charge as almost wipes out the savings so am holding out til saturday when they go into the sale in my local shoe shop (yes I am that stingy!)

DS only wore the jo jo ones maybe five times for the lining to come away, is a shame as they are such a nice plain style and they go with everything. Think the startrite ones are the cowboy and the octopus ones which are ok, but not quite as neutral

littlelamb Sat 06-Jun-09 19:46:13

I got them for dd last summer and had the same problem. They were so cheap (about 6 quid iirc) but fell apart and looked absolutely filthy in no time. My dd lives in crocs in the summer tbh

nicolamumof3 Sat 06-Jun-09 19:49:04

lol! i ordered some sandals which were half price as well as the doodles type ones so i didn't mind 3.99 they came the very next morning too. costs me more than 3.99 to get into next town shoe shop anyway grin

curlygal Sat 06-Jun-09 19:51:39

Yes they were £7 so much cheaper than clarks/startrite at £15, but still would've expected a bit of wear out of them.

Ended up with "blue" rather than navy that was really baby blue and filthy within five minutes.
Shame as love jojo stuff, shoes just not well made though.

curlygal Sat 06-Jun-09 19:53:02

Yes I think if I were getting more than one pair I wouldn;t mind the p&p but just for one pair of £7.50 shoes seems silly to pay.

I have a buspass so see a trip to the shops as free!

Which ones did you get then?

nicolamumof3 Sat 06-Jun-09 20:08:20

i got some leather sandals and i got the canvas ones at full price the khaki green ones with bugs on as they didn't have any sale ones in little sizes, but ds loves them they are comfy and he wears them every day so ok!

curlygal Sat 06-Jun-09 20:14:25

DS likes the winnie the pooh ones that I am hoping aren;t in the sale......

dublinmom Sun 07-Jun-09 08:50:14

I had a jojo sleeping bag. Zipper broke wihin first month abd fell apart.

Lovely jojo dress. Buttons fell off in first wash, hem began to unravel.

Don't think I will ever get stuff there again. Cute, but poor quality.

cheekychopsmum Sun 07-Jun-09 13:21:46

I bought the navy ones and ds wore them every day on holiday and then I noticed the liner and moved so took them back to exchange as I loved the colour. Went with all his clothes, but they have sold out. Settled for red, but gutted if this is a regular thing, and the insole is gonna come out of these aswell.

nappyaddict Sun 07-Jun-09 14:06:55

Primark do them for a couple of pounds. Next do them for about £7. H&M also got some. Asda have red ones for about £5.

cheekychopsmum Tue 09-Jun-09 15:03:33

Are they plain ones? I don't want pictures or motifs etc

nappyaddict Wed 10-Jun-09 00:39:06

Yes they had plain ones.

cheekychopsmum Wed 10-Jun-09 14:06:00

Where were the plain ones, or are they all plain at the above shops?

nappyaddict Wed 10-Jun-09 16:49:54

Yep and New Look had some but only from size 10.

curlygal Wed 10-Jun-09 18:01:21

That's interesting cheekychops as when I complained I was told there had been no other problems with them! hmm

Will have a look at your suggestions nappy addict as prefer the plain one as do go with more.

Otherwise will just get some startrite ones in the sale as £7.50 for ones that are actually well made is much better then £6 for ones that fall apart in a week. NOt keen on paying full startrite price for canvas shoes though

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