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Calling all double buggy owners!

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lunavix Mon 09-May-05 15:26:48

Does anyone have an extra seat/bit fitted on, such as a buggy board or seat to go type thing? My poor marco sky looks a little frail for these, and I have the possibility of three barely-walking children in the near future....

handlemecarefully Mon 09-May-05 15:56:53

What? eh? - are you pregnant with twins?

handlemecarefully Mon 09-May-05 16:01:17

Doh!- I've just remembered, you're childminding aren't you

lunavix Mon 09-May-05 16:03:42


I have the possibility of childminding with twins!

Kelly1978 Mon 09-May-05 16:06:42

Lucky u!! I've have a friend with twins and a marco sky, she uses a buggy board no probs.

lunavix Mon 09-May-05 16:08:12

I'm a little worried though cos the twins are one and a half, and ds is one.....

was thinking maybe a seat to go thingy, don't think one will fit on my marco sky though and I'm too scared to dip into the world of triple buggys!

Kelly1978 Mon 09-May-05 16:13:32

My friend's twins are 9 mnths and her dd is 2, so a bit younger. I'm not sure how much weight the buggy would take tbh.

clary Mon 09-May-05 16:22:40

I knew someone with triplets and she used a double buggy plus buggyboard when they were about 18mo -2. Think it was a maclaren vogue twin or similar. My old childminder used to use a tandem buggy with a b/board fitted for her baby, my ds2 (1) and my 3yo dd, for the long walk to school and back. Don’t know if that’s any help.

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