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Britax Vigour on London public transport?

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lastboxoftampons Fri 05-Jun-09 15:05:17

Anyone had experiences with using the Britax Vigour on London transport? Is it really that bad? I swear I've seen them on buses and it didn't seem to be a problem...!

thanks! smile

Ceolas Fri 05-Jun-09 17:50:56

I have a Vigour but haven't used it on public transport. I suppose it depends on whether you have to fold or not. It's easy to fold but quite heavy and awkward to lift when folded.

The only other issue is the wheel base is quite wide.

Lovely pram though

Kalli Sun 07-Jun-09 12:07:45

Can't help you, but have the same question! We've narrowed down to the Britax Vigour 4+, the Maxi Cosi Loola Up and the ever-so-expensive Bugaboo. The Vigour 4+ is our favourite at the mo (lighter than the Loola, and better height handles for me) but the width of the large back wheels worries us a bit as I'll be using the bus and tube a lot when my husband is out at work. Shame there's no 'guaranteed to fit on a London bus' certificate! I'll let you know if I find out - you do the same please grin. Thinking of writing to London transport and asking how wide their bus doors are, and that space they have for pushchairs near the front of the bus...

Ceolas Sun 07-Jun-09 13:18:03

Thing is, it's all supposed to be accessible for disabled people and a wheelchair would be wider than a pushchair, I'd think?

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