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BJCM do they tip up easily with a large toddler on board?

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loulabellecelino Fri 05-Jun-09 09:35:52

Please someone help, on behalf of a friend who is needing a super small light foldable jobby, they have a M&P luna at the moment, but she is finding it tips backwards far too easily, especially with the seat reclined even slightly. Does the Baby jogger have the same problem or is it more stable?
Help would be very much appreciated.

SweetApril Fri 05-Jun-09 10:53:27

I have a tall and pretty hefty 2.3yo and I've not found any problem with the BJCM tipping. In fact, have been impressed by its stability. It's also reasonably stable with a bag or two of shopping on the handles and no passenger on board. It's a brilliant buggy, I absolutely love it, but although it's a small lightweight fold, I wouldn't say it was super small and light iyswim.

bran Fri 05-Jun-09 11:03:44

It's probably one of the most stable that I've ever had. As SweetApril says it's pretty good even without a child in the seat. I always have the nappy bag and my handbag attached and it's no problem at all without DD in it. If you use these and attach them where the hood meets the handle then anything you hang will be quite close in to the centre of gravity.

I think your friend should have a look at them in a shop before she buys to see if they fold up small enough for her. They fold quite flat but square rather than long so I'm not sure that they would go into a teeny tiny car boot. Also, if she's going to fly with it then she would probably need to bag it before it goes on the plane as the rear wheels detatch very easily if something gets wedged against the release button in the cargo hold. Alternatively she could take the wheels off and bring them onto the plane with her. The ease of detatching the wheels does help if she would need to put it in a small car, as the back wheels are quite far apart so it's the widest bit of the pushchair.

loulabellecelino Fri 05-Jun-09 12:17:14

She doesnt have a car, uses buses all the time, so it has to be easy to fold and carry with toddler on one arm.
Sounds perfect for her. Anyone selling one?

SweetApril Fri 05-Jun-09 12:29:50

It's great for the bus - very stable, excellent brakes (so doesn't go careering off every time the bus stops) and very, very easy to fold. Not light as a feather but def OK to carry with a toddler on one arm.

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