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Online delivered present for Nan - any ideas

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norksinmywaistband Thu 04-Jun-09 17:07:56

She is 94, lives alone, is registered blind
I always send flowers/plants, but would like to something different this year.
Personalised goods are useless as she wouldn't even know they were iyswim
cannot see photos etc
cannot bath - so smellies a bit inappropriate

hf128219 Thu 04-Jun-09 17:10:16

Small hamper of food?

Tortington Thu 04-Jun-09 17:12:00

radio - cd's cd player

foot stool

dinner tray

necklace - something she can feel

a locket - tell her it has a picture of the grandkids inside she can touch it and smile

MIAonline Thu 04-Jun-09 17:27:21

M&S do a good gift range, you will probably find something there.

naomi83 Thu 04-Jun-09 18:10:45

CD/tape player with a couple of CD\tape books- danielle steele or a good crime one, whatever she likes

alarkaspree Thu 04-Jun-09 18:15:05

Dh's granny of similar age always appreciated scotch.

amidaiwish Thu 04-Jun-09 18:20:00


audio books

fleecey blanket for sofa

norksinmywaistband Thu 04-Jun-09 20:35:10

Thanks for all the ideas - Audio books hadn't crossed my mind brilliantgrin

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