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thorn resistent wheels for Quinny

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JillyG Wed 03-Jun-09 10:00:22

Having had terrible trouble with my Quinny wheels being punctured by thorns on our country roads when pushing daughter number 1 I'm keen to find the best solution to avoid limping a buggy each time I go out with with baby number 2 - due a week on Monday.
Could anyone who has addressed similar challenge let me know what they've found the best solution to be? The only thing we tried last time was puncture slime which was rubbish so looking for a more robust solution this time.

Many thanks

BikeRunSki Wed 03-Jun-09 19:50:48

I used this slime in ths same situation. Worked OK for me and our local bridleways etc.


I guess you could try a tyre liner - I think you cut this stuff to size:

tyre liner - go and speak to a mountain biking shop, they should be able to help you. Not a big chain, a local independent, they are generally very keen and knowledgable. Where abouts in the country are you?

Tortoise Wed 03-Jun-09 19:55:11

I used these on my 3 wheel pushchair. Not sure if the right wheel size for the Quinny but i found these really good. smile

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