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Would love to buy a digital photoframe for my brother as a wedding!

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rinol Tue 02-Jun-09 19:49:30

Have decided to buy one for my brother and his wife-to-be but not sure which one.Needs to be a very good brand!thx

foofi Tue 02-Jun-09 19:53:19

I had 3 for a 'special' birthday last year - all different makes. Don't really like any of them and they can't be good for the environment. That said, if you're determined to buy one, my advice is to get one which can be wall-mounted.

MrsJamin Tue 02-Jun-09 20:09:40

I think they're really naff - sorry. I would rather a really nice print-out of one photo from the wedding in a good quality frame.

sazm Tue 02-Jun-09 23:39:35

well i have one and i LOVE it,the kids do too,
im great at taking pictures but never get around to printing them out,so this is great,
mine is the tesco's own make one,

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